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Electro, Indie, Extreme Metal, Step Punk, Funk, Dark Stuff and Experimental, Brumcast is the sound of the Birmingham Underground ! Brumcast 123 'Bad Girl, Bad Trip' is now ready for listening and FREE download. Go to for download & audio stream links. Download it free and direct from here
Here's this show's playlist :-
1. The Concept:MK - This Town (4:20)
2. Lets - Renegade (1:34)
3. Ignoramus - Army Of Me Remix (2:23)
4. The Arcane Parade - Footnotes (2:57)
5. Oscar - dumb (2:39)
6. Sunset Cinema Club - Failure (4:50)
7. Lost Scenes - Ghosts (4:25)
8. Scarlet Harlots - Benefits (2:18)
9. Bastu - transgression (3:21)
10. Duller in Colour - Hold Your Rifles Head High (3:51)
11. Ultio - Guilty Until Proven Innocent (3:15)
12. Birmingham Bertie - Put it on your expenses (0:54)
13. Kid Gloves - Small town syndrome (2:10)
14. Nations Waiting - Amba Thug (2:24)
15. Chairmaker - MRI (3:55)
16. Toyko Disco - Tech (4:19)
17. The Conscripts - Scenery (3:10)
18. Chamber - ccmc (demo) (3:41)
19. Walters Ego - Neap Aether (3:52)
20. Betty & The Id - Bad Girl, Bad Trip (2:37)
21. The Destroyers - Out of Babel (4:09)
22. Sekotis - Creatures in your head (6:47)
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Attending last night's Birmingham Young Professional of the Year event made me profoundly aware of the haves and have nots in our city, on many levels.

Firstly, many congratulations to Suzie Branch of BHMG Marketing on being crowned BYPY 2009. Clearly a popular choice, Suzie's citation highlighted both her skills as a business woman and her willingness to put something back in the community - exactly the combination of skills shown by our illustrious city forefathers such as the Cadburys, Lloyds, Chamberlains and Martineaus.

Birmingham Future, which runs BYPY, has emulated these laudable ambitions themselves by launching The Future Foundation, a charitable fund set up to support education, employment and training projects in Birmingham. Last night the 620 guests at the award dinner watched a short video about some of the work done by the Birmingham Foundation -the community charity which will administrate Future's fund - which showed some really tear-jerking projects and the differences they made. It would be a hard man or woman who wasn't moved.

Although there's been a lot written about the dire economic climate, it was clear that not everyone at the ICC was on their uppers: plenty of generous raffle ticket purchases should see many thousands of pounds more available to help train and support Birmingham's young people in the future.

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