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By Michael Mclean on Oct 7, 09 01:39 PM in Lifestyle

It sounds like the plot from a Hollywood movie: celebrity arrives in a country to be guest of honour at a high profile event, only to be arrested on a 30 year old international arrest warrant and carted off to prison to await extradition.
It seems Hollywood plot lines are not always as far fetched as we are sometimes led to believe.

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Back in 1977 director Roman Polanski fled the United States after pleading guilty to having sex with a thirteen year old girl. Now there are all sorts of rumours about what actually happened that night, but what isn't in any doubt is the fact that a man had sex with a child, that man Roman Polanski pleaded guilty to the charge as part of a plea arrangement, but while awaiting sentencing left the country and returned to Europe and continued to work.
In that time he has made some excellent films and graced the red carpet at countless film festivals and award ceremonies.
Since that day the issue of his crimes has never gone away, he has never set foot on American soil. A few years ago there was speculation that when the directors film 'The Pianist' was nominated for Oscar's that he may attend the ceremony, but that was never going to happen, America has a statute of limitations, which is effectively is the lifespan of a crime, after a period of time; the police will not pursue or prosecute, but there is no statute of limitations on rape, and sex without consent is rape, being below the legal age of consent is considered rape.
So let's be clear about this Roman Polanski confessed to unlawful sex with an underage thirteen year old girl, but instead of being charged with rape pleaded guilty to a lesser charge and while on bail, ran away from justice.
So why do we have people, including so-called A List celebrities and politicians rallying to his cause, wanting him freed from custody or wanting to block his extradition? Why do we have respected well know female personalities commenting that it wasn't rape, we are talking about a thirteen year old girl, and they are talking about it wasn't rape in the normal sense of the word.
Would these same celebrities be saying the protesting as strongly if person in question was not a famous director, if it was just a member of the general public some of these same people would want his head on a stick. Just because the crime happened thirty plus years ago doesn't mean it did happen or justice has been served. I wonder how many of these people have read the transcript of the victim, which is now a matter of public record, if they did maybe a few of them, would feel differently.
Being talented does not make you above the law, being artistic does not make you above the law, pleading guilty to unlawful sex with a thirteen year old girl makes you a sex offender in almost any society on the planet, and no matter how you dress it up or many awards or accolades Roman Polanski wins, that fact will never change.

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