Brits or Brats?

By Kimberley Owen on Feb 20, 12 08:13 PM in Music

This week sees the 2012 BRIT Awards take centre stage and the show is set to be a resounding success. Behind all the smiles, glitz and camera flashes what merit do these awards actually hold?

There are numerous forums and Facebook pages rallying for the awards to be renamed 'The Sh$! Awards' and I have to admit that I'm full of skepticism for the awards that are meant to represent the 'Best of British Music'.

As a younger girl I was confused by all the American performers gracing the stage and constantly asked my older siblings: "why are Americans on the stage at the BRITs?" And look at this year's line-up: Rhianna and Bruno Mars, erm yes I repeat 'a celebration of British Music'.

So besides the awards being overrun by American performers each year, does anyone remember Arctic Monkeys' rant in 2008 that saw them thanking "the BRIT school" the year in which they won Best British Group alongside former BRIT school pupils The Kooks, Adele and Will Young. They really have a point - the awards, although providing a small slice of entertainment, could be accused of becoming a graduation party for its pupils.

The BRIT school students have produced more than 10 million albums sales in the UK, its roll call includes: Amy Winehouse, Adele, Leona Lewis and Kate Nash. No-one will dispute the talent of these artists but it's a little foolish to place such esteem on an awards show that uses the show a little bit like an interactive prospectus. It's obvious that the awards fund the school but surely it takes the p**s slightly, when artists like Coldplay are snubbed. Despite being nominated for four awards in 2009 and their album selling 6.6million copies Coldplay walked away empty handed.

The past winners do often make me giggle, like A1 winning Best British Newcomer 2001 or Liberty X being awarded Best British Single for 'just a little' in 2003.

Despite all of its corporate alliances, it will still be worth a watch. I mean if there is even a slight chance of seeing anything even vaguely resembling Jarvis Cocker running on stage and 'waffting' his bottom or Chumbawamba throwing a bucket of iced water over John Prescott, then we are all in for a treat!

See you on the sofa!

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