Dom Perignon 2000 - a real wine experience

By Richard Saxton on Apr 23, 12 04:53 PM in


I'll paint you a word picture; it was the eve of the wife's 30th birthday. I was suffering the pre-giving of gifts nervousness. Had I got her good enough presents? Forget "good" even; had I got her enough presents full stop?

There was of course one aspect of the evening that I was in full control of. The wine choice. Knowing the I had a bottle of this safely stowed away in my wine cooler provided plenty of comfort.

I don't think I've ever carried a bottle of wine downstairs quite so carefully. I'd probably have taken less care with a newborn baby.

As far as icons go, Moët's Dom Perignon champagne label is up there as one of the biggest in the wine world. Yes it's a bit bling, but it's champagne and that seems to be exactly the point half the time. Leaving aside the historical accuracy of the story of the monk named Dom Perignon discovering the champagne method, it's still a wine steeped in legend, as well as being one of the most recognisable premium champagne brands.

My first reaction was how youthful it seemed. I was expecting a dense biscuity treat but instead found a quite fresh and vibrant wine. The subtle hints of vanilla and caramel made this immediately appealing. The apple notes provided a refreshing edge to the wine. Slight oaky tones crept in with time in the glass. It was all just a bit classy to be honest!

Despite all the bling of the brand and its history the wine itself is not "shouty" at all. Instead this is a quietly self assured wine. Exactly as I felt as I carried it downstairs as my weapon of choice.

So there you have it. An awesome wine which can't help but provide a conversation point. It's just a shame it costs so much.

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