Tom Watson on the "powerful forces" covering up phone hacking

By Jonathan Walker on Jun 8, 11 02:24 PM in Politics

Black Country Tom Watson (Lab West Bromwich East) told the House of Commons he believed "powerful forces" were at work to cover up illegal phone-tapping.

A bit over the top?

You can decide for yourself, after Watson set out the story, as he sees it, of the phone hacking scandal, in a speech to the GMB conference in Brighton this week, which you can see here:

It's 13 minutes long but he's a pretty good speaker and it's not dull.

Among other things, he accused newspapers of trying to hack the phones of the grieving parents of children murdered in Soham.

He also reveals exactly why he quit as a Minister in Gordon Brown's government in 2009. It was basically because he was tired of living in "daily fear" of the Murdoch press - which was out to get him in revenge for his role in bringing down Tony Blair, he says.

Mr Watson said: "When our three year old hid behind the sofa because there was another nasty man at the door I snapped."

The MP also spoke to me about his campaign to reveal the truth about phone hacking in an interview we published in April.

In the Commons today, Mr Watson said: "The Metropolitan Police are in possession of paperwork which details the dealings of criminal private investigator Jonathan Rees.

"It strongly suggests that on behalf of news international he was illegally targeting members of the royal family, senior politicians and high level terrorist informers.

"Yet the head of operation . . . has recently written to me to explain that this evidence may be outside the terms of reference for the inquiry.

"Prime Minister, I believe powerful forces are involved in a cover up.

"Please, please tell me what you intend to do to make sure that doesn't happen."

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