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By Jonathan Walker on Feb 17, 12 03:17 PM in Politics

I'm trying to find ways to make it easier for people to follow the Birmingham Post's politics news online.

I've had a twitter account for a long time now - my user name is @jonwalker121, so please do follow me! But I've now created a second account which will share links to stories about politics and current affairs in Birmingham and the West Midlands, from the Birmingham Post, Birmingham Mail and other sources too. You can find that at @walkerjonbot.

As the name suggests, @walkerjonbot is a "bot" - an automatic feed which won't respond to you if you tweet it back, although I will certainly do that at my own account. The benefit of following @walkerjonbot is that it tweets news from a variety of sources even when I'm not around to do it manually. It also sometimes finds stuff that I miss.

Secondly, I have a Facebook page at, which again is designed to be useful for people who want an automatic feed of West Midlands and Birmingham politics news. Please head over there and "like" it, if you are someone who wants to get their news from Facebook.

The page does use automatic RSS feeds to add news day and night but it's also overseen by me in my role as an actual human being, so please do talk to me there if you have anything to say. By the way, you can find my personal page at Facebook at, but I'm more likely to post family snaps there than news about Birmingham MPs.

Finally, I am trying to make Google+ work for me. Not everyone likes Google+, but a lot of people have signed up and personally I suspect it may become more popular over time. If you are a Googe+ fan please consider adding me to a circle. You can find me at (I'm still trying to work out how to make best use of Google+ but I'll be trying to add good content).

If you have suggestions about what more a journalist like me (ie please remember that I don't own or manage the company I work for or have any control over what anyone else in it does) can do to make news available to people then I'd be very grateful for your comments.

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