Digby Jones calls for "yes" to a mayor vote in YouTube plea

By Jonathan Walker on Mar 12, 12 01:43 PM in Politics

Digby Jones, the former head of the CBI, has issued a video plea urging residents to vote "yes" to an elected mayor for Birmingham.

Lord Jones of Birmingham, as he now is, said: "We need someone who doesn't want to climb up the greasy pole of tribalism of Conservative, Labour or Liberal."

He added: "Birmingham has given much to the world but the world has changed. We need someone free from tribal politics who will give a clear decisive message about Birmingham, who will be accountable for Birmingham and who only wants to talk about Birmingham. I urge you to vote yes in the elected mayor referendum on May 3."

Lord Jones, who spent a spell as a Government Minister promoting British business across the world, makes no mention in the film of his previously expressed concern that a mayor should represent the West Midlands rather than just Birmingham.

The video, produced in partnership with Birmingham Chamber of Commerce, which is also campaigning for a "yes" vote, has been uploaded to YouTube.

A referendum asking voters in Birmingham whether they want a directly-elected mayor to run the council, and a separate vote asking the same question in Coventry, will be held on May 3.

The Chamber has also produced a poster setting out its arguments in favour of a mayor (note that this is a direct link to a PDF document).

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