An Ode to Economic Growth

By Alister Scott on Dec 21, 12 02:38 PM in Culture

Hark the Coalition Government does sing
Economic growth seems the priority for everything
We have no time for those who protest and complain
Lets dismiss their negativity with contempt and disdain

But reality reveals landscapes of policy disintegration
A mish mash of initiatives lacking any sense or strategic direction
Where is the long term vision for UK PLC?
Sacrificed on the high altar of short term economic GDP

And what of localism amidst Cameron's Big Society
A manipulated political soundbite to obfuscate cuts for austerity
Directing local actions and behaviours through central controls
Its about your local voices as long as you agree with Nick Boles

So what of the alleged enemies of enterprise
Planners and environmental bureaucrats who the Chancellor doth despise
Lets castrate their useless bureacratic rules and regulations
So that people wherever can have their mobile phones and 8m extensions

Yet as a society what do we really apsire to be
It's about improving our quality of life, confidence and security
Building safe environments and developing entrepreneurship within real community
And our politicians and institutions rebuilding our trust and championing subsidiarity

This is the time to rethink what we mean by growth, development and enterprise
To look afresh at our economic opportunities through different eyes
Working together to value our economy, community & environment assets accurately
Using such intelligence to build brave new places with our distinctive identity

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