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By Richard Jefferson on Apr 25, 12 09:52 AM in

Its been a couple of weeks since I last blogged. To be honest, continually posting such positive things doesn't sit naturally with me. The unofficial Baggie supporter motto of Semper Te Fallant is always lurking there in the background. However, Albion under Hodgson continue to smash hoodoos and delight with results whilst around us our local rivals continue to delight us with their own results. Not since Wolves choked a 11 point lead has their been a better all round season.

Sunday continued the hoodoo smashing. I was about 2 inches long the last time we won at Anfield. Yes we rode our luck and bar the last 15 minutes we didn't play particularly well but who cares. I have developed a deep dislike for Liverpool under Dalglish. If ever there was a club living on their history its them and to see them become a middle of the road club league wise, despite spending huge amounts of money is wonderful. If you ever get a chance, read their message boards. They really believe that they have some devine right to be top of the pile. Now they have the embarrassment of little old Albion beating them under the manager that they treated so shabbily. How Roy didn't do a knee slide in front of the Kop I will never know.

A couple of weeks ago, I felt that we had 3 things left to achieve. Beat Liverpool, do the double over Villa and finish top Midlands club. So far so good then. Little did I know then what a huge game this would be for Villa. I am very much old school, Villa is The Derby. Historically, certainly before the late eighties it was always the number 1 derby and its only been the way the fortunes of the club have developed that Wolves has taken over for so many. I guess that anyone with a B postcode over 35 will always see Villa as our main rivals. Few Villa fans see us as their rival these days, domination will do that.

It's been difficult taking so much stick from Villa down the years. When we did manage to be in the same division, it usually ended with tears with some awful moments thrown in. However, the tide started to turn last season and this season we have a chance to really get some payback. To do the double and hammer a nail in a relegation coffin wouldn't completely wipe out past pain but it would be a start! Even if Villa stay up, you get the impression that for the first time in over 30 years, we have gone ahead of them prospects wise. They really are in turmoil and given the future budget cuts, they have a lot of readjusting to do before they can go forward again. Its a tough time for my Villa supporting friends and I am currently playing the worlds smallest violin. They won the European Cup you know, let us never forget.

I write all this with Semper Te Fallant still gnawing away in the background. I remember last season surrendering at Wolves which gave them momentum to stay up. Hopefully this won't happen this year and we do a job on Villa to keep the pressure on them. We have far too much payback to administer to take the foot of their throat now.

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