Roy Hodgson and The Future For The Albion.

By Richard Jefferson on May 2, 12 07:47 PM in

Well, I didn't have to wait long did I? I was beginning to sound a little too smug with all the wallowing in good news. I was expecting something to go wrong, we are Albion after all. Usually its problems of our own making but not this time. As much as it pains me to see Roy go, even our bad news is now something to be proud of. Little ole us having our manager poached for arguably the biggest football job in the world. Sad? Very. Proud? Even more so.

The reaction elsewhere though has been at best mixed at worst diabolical. I am not one to shout at the radio or TV, but I have found myself screaming abuse at a succession of so called pundits since Sunday night. Its a good job I don't own a cat.

The reactions were all driven by a mass spitting out of dummies by much of the London based press. They love 'Arry they do. Cheeky chappy 'Arry, quick with a quip, first name terms with them all. He is a reporters dream. He is entertaining, no question.

However, is he any good? If you believed the hype about him, you could be mistaken in thinking he is some sort of genius. Yet his record doesn't really stack up when you look at it. He has spent huge amounts of money at Pompey and Spurs and what does he have to show for it? One FA Cup for Pompey, almost ruining them financially, and a decent run in the Champions League last season.

But, according to the London press, he was the only choice available. He was the nations choice. Nobody else deserved it. Based on what exactly? Yes, his teams are entertaining and his press conferences are allegedly enjoyable but so bloody what. Does his teams win trophies? Hardly.

In light of all this. Any appointment other than their man was going to be met with gnashing of teeth. The fact that it was, in their eyes, a dour man whose teams, in their eyes, fail to entertain was too much for them to bare.

So they snarled and spewed venom. Roy almost became the first manager to be hounded out before even getting the job! It was even likened to Cloughie being overlooked. For goodness sake, comparing Redknapp to Clough is like comparing Paul Williams to Jeff Astle.

Roy is a good choice if only English managers were being considered. Probably the only choice. He has a solid CV. He is an excellent coach. His knowledge of the world game is huge. Take a look on twitter at the responses of players who have worked under him. The respect his massive and unconditional.

Just because Alan Green thinks its a rubbish appointment, doesn't make it so. He cites his record at Liverpool as reason enough to write off Roy. I would like to remind the 5 Live rentagob that Roy has won more games at Anfield in 2012 than his hero King Kenny.

I feel nervous for Roy and the future. He failed at Liverpool because he wasn't wanted in the first place by people behind the scenes. Dalglish was there, in the background, and it undermined Roy and a manager has to be backed or respect is lost. Sadly, history could well repeat itself. Redknapp is his new Dalglish.

As for The Albion, its crucial we make the right appointment or all the good work he has done will be undone. We need an excellent coach and man manager. We need to remain well coached and well organised. We can't take a gamble on an up and coming manager, we need another safe pair of hands.

That means one person for me, and that's Chris Hughton if we can poach him away from Blues. Not an exciting appointment but I don't want exciting, I am quite happy with safe and continued gradual improvement. Hughton would provide this and I hope we do everything in our power to make it happen.

Good luck Roy, you are going to need it. Thank you for the last year and a bit. You will be remembered with fondness and total respect by us Baggies.



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